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A doula offers individual, empathic and informational support during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.                She helps you to get educated about pregnancy/birth and shares her insights so you can journey with confidence into a new life phase.


A doula forms a relationship throughout the pregnancy with the birth giver/couple and will be the trusted confidant at the place of birth while providing continuous care during the entire birth.


Midwives and doctors play a different (more medical) role at birth. Your doula accompanies you during this unknown, intimate and transforming time with loving care, birth tools and gained birth wisdom.


A doula does not perform any medical tasks. She is there in addition to the medically trained personnel.






Maybe you are a little nervous about birth. A doula can help you work through your fears and empower you through knowledge, sharing birth skills and insights, so you become more calm, relaxed and positive.


Maybe you would like to have a personal coach at your side, while you enter unchartered waters. A familiar face who helps you and your birth partner to feel confident and connected to the birth process while living in the moment.


Maybe you have nobody close who can accompany you on your journey to birth and are therefore looking for a person whom you can connect with, trust and invite to be present at the birth of your baby.


Maybe you are looking back at your previous birth experience - sensing that you would like to have a different birth this time around, but don’t quite know how to go about it.


Maybe you are faced with a preexisting condition and are looking for guidance on how to birth in an empowering and positive way, making the best of your unique circumstances.

A doula can provide you with excellent birth related information, so you can make informed choices about the way you would like to envision your birth experience.

A doula strengthens you and encourages you to advocate for your rights. She helps to facilitate better communication between you and the medical personnel, while thriving for respectful teamwork.  



     "Asking your partner to be the sole                     
      guide through labor is like asking your            
      partner to lead the way on a climb of               
      Mount Everest. Your partner may be smart  
      and trustworthy, and you love this                     
      person, but in the Himalayas you'll both          
      be better off with a Sherpa"                                   
      Pam England                                                                 





As your doula I cannot and will not take your place! 

You bring all your love for the birth giver and baby into the birth space. Your deep knowledge of her personality, history and preferences is invaluable during birth. What helps her relax? What makes her feel safe and supported, so she can let go and birth peacefully?

As your doula, I bring compassion, intuition and knowledge of pregnancy and birth to complement your role.

Depending on your desired level of involvement, we will explore and practice “ birth support “ at our prenatal appointments until you are both feeling comfortable. Being well aware of the fact, that needs and preferences might change during birth. While the birth giver is birthing your baby, I will quietly assist you in applying your “ birth tools “ and encourage you to ask specific questions addressing the medical staff when needed. We will follow the birth giver’s lead and respond however is most supportive in the moment - our intuitions and knowledge working together.



















Benefits a doula offers to the birth partner:

  • Increase in confidence level and decrease in stress

  • Alleviation of anxiety by serving as a resource for answering questions, offering suggestions, encouragement and continuous presence

  • Facilitating fuller participation during birth, if so desired

  • Continuous care to the birth giver when break times are needed (i.e. meals, fresh air, naps)

  • Providing emotional relief – knowing that the supportive role can be shared

  • Knowledge of the local medical system and potential experiences/behaviors that may occur during labor and postpartum

  • Encouragement to self-advocate and to express personal needs, questions and concerns

  • Providing continuous support for the mother in case extra medical assessments of the newborn become necessary elsewhere

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