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Meet Corina Rose



… love to meet people from different walks of life

… reconnect with myself in nature

… love to travel to undiscovered places of natural beauty

… enjoy organic food and love to cook

… am a seeker

… love the colors purple, green and red

… was born and raised in the greater Zürich area

… found my true love - my American husband - in a pub in Oxford, England

… love to wear skirts

… enjoy the season of spring with the budding of new life

… believe in synchronicity

After graduating in 1985, I took a year off and lived for a while in Oxford and Paris. I then pursued my love for children and education and became a teacher.

Ten years later after some soul searching and extensive travel I was ready for a change and happy to embrace motherhood.

My first child was born in 1998. I moved with my husband in 2000 to the United States where I was doing part time work as a cross cultural trainer and became the mother of two more children.

We moved back to Switzerland in 2008 and I took on some part time teaching for a few years. While being on the lookout for a new professional calling, I came across the doula training. My desire for a profession which included people, education and appreciation for the natural rhythms of life was fulfilled.

I am a passionate and happy doula for several years now. To this day I am amazed at the three entirely different births that I experienced. My first baby was born completely natural in a Swiss hospital. In the United States I had my second baby with a preemie related Cesarean complicated by Preeclampsia. I was blessed with a third baby that was peacefully born at home. My own story to motherhood has taught me that each birth is a rite of passage, a sacred process - no matter how it unfolds.  I have come to learn, that a baby making its transition to life on Earth, is a co-creative process.

Articles featuring my work as a Doula: 

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