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  Every woman deserves to be nurtured and taken under wings on her journey to birth!



  • Are you looking for a woman who can take you by your hand and guide you along the journey to birth - to "mother the mother"?


  • Are you looking for a woman who has gone that path several times herself?



  • Are you looking for a woman who has gained birth skills also in her certification as a doula?


  • Are you looking for a woman who has accompanied many women and their partners to and through birth?



  • Are you looking for a woman who does personal birth coaching at your home, tailored to your own individual needs?


  • Are you looking for a woman who can speak English fluently and is able to translate/communicate with the hospital staff in Swiss/German when needed?



By having given birth in a foreign country and different culture, I have become aware of how important it is to be well cared for during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. By not having your closest friends, sisters or mother nearby, let me as your doula hold that space of trust, care and intimacy.



Pregnancy can be a time of wonder, development, joy, growth, fear, change, doubt, transition, preparation, happiness and curiosity about the new emerging life.


As your doula I offer you individual, emotional and competent support during this intensive and transforming phase of life.

Through our open discussions you will have a chance to reflect on your birth expectations, fears and hopes. We can look at the variety of feelings and thoughts and find ways to assimilate them. Alongside with my informative and in-depth birth preparation, are you able to make informed choices and gain confidence for an empowered birth. Since no birth journey is foreseeable into each detail, I offer you and your partner continuous, mindful and loving support in the moment.



After having contacted me, we set up a noncommittal meet and greet at a café in Zürich or via phone (video) to see whether the chemistry feels right amongst all parties involved.

Once we have entered a working relationship

  • We meet two times prenatally in the privacy of your home (2.5-3h/visit)

  • I provide lots of valuable and evidence based information, so you can make informed choices about your birth preferences

  • I am reachable to you via phone and email throughout your pregnancy and into postpartum

  • 24/7 on call availability usually starting two weeks before your estimated due date and up until your baby is born

  • Continuous care during the entire birth

  • 1-2 postpartum visits - depending on your needs

   MY FEE   


For the pregnancy and birth support I provide to you, I charge CHF 1350. After we have confirmed our working relationship and signed our contract, I ask for a nonrefundable retainer of CHF 800 to secure my on-call time for you. I also charge an additional flat fee for expenses of CHF 200 for travel/time/costs. A final invoice will be sent to you after the birth when the remaining balance plus any additional costs (i.e. parking fee at your place of birth) are due.

                 Doulas aren't just a good idea.  They're an evidence based one.     





                         Continuous care for birth giver and birth partner 

                                 Better labor coping management

                                 Fewer need for pain medications

                                                 Less epidurals

                                                  Shorter labor

                                                Better Advocacy

                                   More likely to have a vaginal birth

                  Less use of instruments like vacuums and episiotomy

                                              Fewer C-Sections

                                          Strengthens the couple

                                  More satisfaction with your birth

STATISTICS SHOW THAT WHEN A DOULA ATTENDS YOUR BIRTH YOU MIGHT                                                              BENEFIT FROM...

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