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A mental way to prepare for birth

Immersion in the rhythmic coming and going of birth waves

rhythmical... powerful... intermittent...


    calmness... power... relaxation...


        immersion... feeling one...


be in the flow... connect... surrender...

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Painting: Isabelle Vavasseur /


Hypnotherapy has been scientifically recognized since 2006 and is also used in medicine in various fields.

Birth hypnosis (purposeful self-hypnosis) is an ideal means for a pregnant woman to repeatedly put herself into the beneficial state of deep relaxation during pregnancy. In this relaxed state, suggestions are more easily embraced.


What does relaxation have to do with birth?

The birth hormone endorphin can induce a natural trance-like state in the birthing woman - a kind of focused introspection. The release of endorphins during rhythmic labor surges, dulls the sensation of pain, therefore providing relief for the birthing woman and her baby.


How can relaxation for birth be cultivated during pregnancy?

By engaging with the birth process, being willing to deal with one's fears and learning from expert knowledge. This can help to dissolve anxiety, uncertainty and tension.

The pregnant woman can then connect with her inner resources through insights gained and thereby grow confidence and trust in the birth process.

Example of a birth hypnosis session (120 minutes/CHF 250.-)

  • Informative preliminary talk

  • Joint exploration to identify individual resources and hypnotic suggestions

  • Narrating and recording of the birth hypnosis (background music optional)

  • Momento Gift: Essential oil roll-on bottle with personally selected relaxation scent as an anchor 


Repeated listening and immersion into the birth hypnosis can help to induce relaxation sequences and good sleep during pregnancy.

At birth, deep relaxation allows one to stay in the present moment and can even assist in relaxation when drug interventions (PDA) or a cesarean birth become necessary.

Additional training:

2015: Birth Hypnosis Basic: Susanne Keller (Geburt und Hypnose)

2019: Birth and Trance Processes (IGM: Institut für ganzheitliche Methodik)

2021: Training in Hypnosis and Trauma (Institut für Beratung & Coaching)

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